This web page is active, reflecting current activity through local government and community organizations to ensure the best outcome possible for the Black Isle region.

The most direct source of information is website of the Highland Council.

The Highland Third Sector Interface is working closely with partners in the Third and Public Sectors and in the community to support the wide range of community support developing in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. Full information is available at their website. A listing of supporting organizations on the Black Isle is to be found from the Mid Ross tab of their register.

Helpful information from Black Isle Cares

Black Isle Cares has been producing newsletters in response to the crisis.

The issue dated 7 April called Help on the Black Isle is available here.

The May issue called Stay Well at Home is here.

Co-ordinating support for The Black Isle

In early April representatives from all the local communities in the Black Isle took the decision to appoint the Black Isle Partnership as the ‘Community Anchor Organisation’ to administer funding in response to Covid-19. This was necessary as few of the local community organsiations are constituted in a way that enables them to access government grants. It also means there is a single voice for the whole of the Black Isle and avoids different communities competing for the same resources. By sharing ideas and examples of things that are working well everyone, hopefully, benefits. It also supports the aim that nobody should be missed out – this is particularly important for people staying in some of the outlying places.

Even before any major funds have been secured the Black Isle Partnership appointed a paid Community Resilience Officer, Asia Cielecki, to help run the operation on a day-to-day basis. Weekly conference calls involving representatives from all areas feed in information about what’s happening in their community and from that a sense of what the priorities are can be agreed. Its early days but there is a strong desire to collaborate and a realisation that the Black Isle as a whole is stronger working as one. A questionnaire for all residents is being circulated to build up a picture of what people's particular needs are. Please look out for this and take the time to respond. In the meantime if you have any burning issues which you think the partnership can address please contact More information can be found on and the Black Isle Partnership facebook page.

The Black Isle Partnership is bidding for a range of government funds that are to be delivered through Community Anchor Organisations.

Update from Highland Council through Di Agnew, Ward Manager for Black Isle and Dingwall & Seaforth Wards,  Chief Executive's Office, Highland Council. 

News from the Coronavirus hub.

The Highland Council is responding to those in urgent need of emergency food provisions.  We are currently responding to clients on our own Children and Families lists as well as those on the NHS adult care vulnerable people lists who are in need of urgent support with food or prescription deliveries as well as other issues as they arise.  This is in addition to our main response which is to those phoning our helpline (0300 303 1362).  While we do have quite large supplies of dried / ambient foods as well as frozen meals, we do rely heavily on the third sector to help.  If  the relevant community group is unable to help, or if the customer has not given us permission to share their details, we would deliver the order directly from one of around 8 distribution hubs we have throughout Highland.

There are around 350 groups for Highland currently on our database who specifically responded to say they wished to help in this crisis.  They are spread right across the area and range from very small groups with a tight geographic or sectoral focus to much larger organisations serving the whole of Highland.  Not all are constituted with some just being informal groupings of keen, committed people.

Also just so you are aware the Highland Council’s Ward Discretionary Budget – Supporting Community Resilience Grant has been paid out £500 with second payments available on claim when to:

  *   RANK, Kessock Kindness Residents of North Kessock Community Company Ltd
  *   Avoch and Killen Community Council - Avoch and Killen Community Support Initiative
  *   Cromarty and District Community Council
  *   1st Avoch Sea Scouts (volunteers are Scout Leaders and the accounts are being administered through the Sea Scouts – they are working in partnership with Avoch and Killen CC and the Dingwall Hub not as part of the Seas Scouts (hope you follow this it is for your information).
  *   Cromarty and District community Council
  *   Knockbain Community Council
  *   Black Isle Cares
  *   Fortrose and Rosemarkie CC

I will keep in touch with you with any relevant updates from either the Coronavirus Hub or from the Ward in general relating to COVID19 response.

Take care and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Diane Agnew

Diane Agnew, Ward Manager for Black Isle and Dingwall & Seaforth Wards,  Chief Executive's Office,
Main Council Offices, Dingwall, IV15 9QN
Tel: 01349 868477 ; Mob: 07932 999380



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